Our products

These are the things we are producing. Each collection aims to have an ethical outcome.
Our very first focus is to plant more trees in and around the UK.

Logo to the proverb project.

Proverb Project

Prints and products that plant trees. Our first set are a collection of pressed plants that have been, carefully pressed, named and framed ready for your space.

Profits from this collection plant trees in and around the UK.

Good Fashion

A collection of ethical fashion using recycled fabrics. Better looking and better for the planet. Coming soon in 2020.
Got ideas? We'd love to hear them.

Good Experiences

A collection of good experiences all of which support good causes. Have fun, have a good time, create good outcomes. Coming soon in 2020.
Got ideas? We'd love to hear them.

About us

House Rai was founded on September in 2019. We're new but we've got big plans.

Our focus is on creating a collection of products and services that offer better ethical outcomes for everyone involved. This means finding a better balance between the consumer, provider and planet.

If you have ideas and want to collaborate do get in touch.

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Ethical Consulting

In an era of growing ethical customer demands we can help business wanting to create ethical products that reach more people, deliver returns and do good.